Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Polli new to Vanilla House

Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd met in 1999 while studying Industrial Design at the University of Technology, Sydney. After graduating into professional roles, the designers sought the fulfilment of creating their own products. Soon they were selling their fun, light weight polypropylene baskets at local markets, and Polli was born.

Having a sustainable sensibility from the start, Tess and Maja would carefully save all of the off-cuts and cut-outs from the baskets, hoping to reuse them in some way. Combining their love for recycling and fashion, the off-cuts were twisted, knotted and looped together to make a range of brightly coloured earrings to sell alongside the baskets. The earrings quickly began to outsell the Polli baskets, so Tess and Maja began making using other materials and designed a larger collection of jewellery.

As demand for Polli grew so did the need for a team and a studio space. The Polli team is a group of creative women who work primarily from the Stanmore studio in Sydney. However team members are also spread across Australia and even in New York. Polli is now stocked online and in a range of gorgeous stores and galleries across the world. 
Taken from Polli website.

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