Monday, 27 June 2011

Old photo's..

I loved this grouping of photo's of my girls and my husband and I. My daughter was taking a photo of some earrings she is selling and had this shot in the background. I look at photo's of my girls when they were little all the time now, and boy do I miss those days.

For all you Mum's out there with little one's enjoy all the hugs and kisses and giggles you are getting now because all of a sudden they are teenagers and life takes a different turn.

I have to admit I find it quite hard at times to parent my 3 teenage daughters and find myself wishing I could just be their friend and throw responsibility out of the window. But they remind me occasionally  that they actually appreciate it that Gavin and I do keep them in check and they acknowledge they need boundaries.  They have plenty of time to follow their dreams & let their hair down later on. 
They are beautiful girls and I love them all very much... xx

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