Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Birthday Party!!

Well we did it! Celebrated 5 years of trading. Tonight I had some wonderful help from Sharnel Dollar Designs and The Lemony Cupcake company. Both were so wonderful in helping me put on a party for my customers that I just couldn't have done on my own. 

I also want to thank my beautiful 3 girls Elle, Abbey and Alex who worked with pride and excitement. And my wonderful Niece who has been with me since I opened Nelly, thank you for all you do..

Gavin thank you for all you do for our wonderful customers, and me. Some may not know that you are a  highly ranked Police Officer and that all you do for Vanilla House is done in your spare time. But I know you love this store and our customer's as much as I do!! I love you.. 

And to my customer's with all my heart thank you, without you Vanilla House wouldn't exist.. xxx

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