Monday, 6 June 2011

Following a dream!!

I can't believe I have been in business for 5years!
I get asked all the time by my customers how I came to starting Vanilla House and if the shop was something I had always wanted to do.
It all started with me telling my husband that I seriously needed to open a business because I just couldn't keep working in jobs that I didn't feel any excitement or passion about.
My dream had been to be a proud owner of a Cafe/Deli and that's where I thought I would end up. But my husband knew me better and realising that I was very serious about becoming a business owner quickly brought to my attention that I would have to raise very early from my most beloved sleep to open  my new adventure each day, as customers like their coffee and brekky first thing!!
I couldn't disagree with all his realistic arguments against that idea but he didn't leave me feeling deflated he took me off to a little store that had a bit of home ware, clothing, baby & gifts and told me that he could "really see me doing something like this". I had never even considered owning a Gift store but in that moment I just knew he was right and to our astonishment Vanilla House was born and we opened 8 weeks later!
Now we are celebrating our 5th Birthday and I still love it! I have made so many wonderful friends and feel blessed beyond measure of what a fantastic experience this has all been.
I am learning so much and I know I still have so much more to learn.
We really can follow our hearts and live our dreams!!!
Ruth xx

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