Friday, 17 June 2011

Fabric for Cushions.

This is one of the fabrics I have chosen for my sofa's. We bought the biggest sofa's on the market I'm sure and they are the very very comfy but will take quite a few scatter cushions to fill them. The touch of  green in this fabric is so soft and pretty and will go back with the touches of Green I want to do in accessories. I have ordered another pattern that is the darker blue with white and 2 plain blues that match the shades shown here. I will guess that this process will take at least a month till I can show images of them finished. But in the mean time I will start looking for a Cabinet to display lots of pretty things in and redressing the coffee table.

I am trying to source some beautiful images to be framed for my walls that will compliment the colours I am using. I love Classic prints and if anyone has any suggestions or images please let me know. I find it very hard to know where to find great prints at reasonable prices.

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  1. I love Driftwood Interiors' prints and I think she may be able to customise colours for you. She's local and her blog is here:


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