Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Just a touch of Blue!

These beautiful powder blue rooms are so calming. I'm really loving the crisp pink and green accessories  above, it gives the room a very girly feel. 
I have to finish quite a few rooms in my house, and have got a huge pile of my favourite mags to search through for inspiration. At the moment I am seeing too much beige around the house and feel that I need to add some colour and beautiful accessories.
Owning a store a lot of my customers assume I must have a Beautiful home, full of all the lovely products I sell. This isn't quite the case in this home we are in now as I just haven't had the time to really sink my teeth into adding all those finishing touches that complete the look. 
 I am very excited to finally start getting serious and hope to keep you updated on my progress. I will post some before and after photo's and you never know you may see something that inspires you!!


  1. I love the blue rooms too. It's funny what people assume. I have had 2 different journalists recently ask if our home is suitable for a magazine shoot but unfortunately it still needs so much work. It's my goal to work on getting it ready but time is always an issue, isn't it?

  2. Oh. My Goodness. Double bonus. A blog as well as a Facebook page.


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