Monday, 11 July 2011

Style is in the eye of the beholder!

What is your style? 
Mine is an Eclectic mix of Classic, Vintage, French, the list goes on. I don't have a particular style that wins over every time. I do know though when out shopping I always seem to fall in love with the most expensive items in the store. I love well designed pieces and pieces that will last.

My mother was a seamstress and she always made us clothes out of the most beautiful fabric's. Linen and Cotton Voile were always a favourite and my sisters and I always had beautiful pieces. We only had to show mum a picture out of the latest Vogue and she would hand draft a pattern onto the fabric and before we knew it she had made one of us a designer piece. My love of fabrics, colour and timeless styles was definitely passed on from my mum and sisters!

In my store I choose most of my stock on my first impression. If I think too hard about a particular item I find myself second guessing my choice. I have been able to mix Classic French with Modern Contemporary pieces quite well in the store. I don't believe in just keeping it to one look. I love colour but I also love the soft hues of French Country and Scandinavian Designs.

Food is another one of my passions and I just love to try different styles of cooking.
My family is English and we ate a very typical English menu. But I was very lucky to have an older sister who introduced me to all sorts of wonderful food. 

I believe that our own personal style comes from our hearts, and starts from our childhood. Think about what makes you happy what might stir up good memories and surround yourself with those things.
Enjoy your uniqueness and remember that Style is in the eye of the beholder!

xxx Ruth

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