Monday, 2 July 2012

Feeling a bit glamorous with touches of Pink.

I'm think I must be loving the touches of pink in all these images because they all have it. The eclectic mix of colour in the first 2 images is stunning. The bathroom has it all and I love the ghost chair with its unique touch of pink on the seat. What pink loving girl wouldn't love this deep buttoned antiqued finished chair.. I know I would... Ruth xx


  1. It's fun to imagine luxuriating in such a girlie space, even if most of us could never get that colour scheme past quality control (aka our husbands/brothers/sons)! I used to love popping into the shop when I lived close by, and hope to visit again soon on my next trip up to Brisbane!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

    1. Hi Catherine I totally agree. I can hear them now but its great to dream. I hope you do drop by the store next time your in Brisbane. x R

  2. Wow, this house is beautiful. I love pink theme house.


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